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ninos libro

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Once upon a time there was a caterpillar named Carly. One day Carly decided to go out and make some new friends. She first crawled up the tree to where the monkies were. "Hi, im carley," she said "can i be your friend?" All the monkies laughed and said she was too ugly to be their friend. So Carly left and went back home to her caterpillar friends. The next day carley decided to go by the pond and try to make friends with the fish. She again said "Hi, my names carley can i be your friend?" The fish said she was too ugly to be their friend and swam away, so carly went back home to be with her caterpillar friends. The next day, carley woke up and decided again to try to make new friends. So she went to the sea to meet the turtles. She said " hi turtles, my name is carley, can i be your friend?" the turtles all ducked in their shell and said, "we don t want to be your friend because you are ugly." This time Carley was so upset she cried all the way back home. Once she was home she bbegan to make her cancoon so she could hide. About a month later, Carley came out of her cocoon, but she wasnt a caterpillar anymore, she was a beautiful butterfly! She spread her wings and went to the top of the tree, when the monkeys saw her they asked her to play with them, but she just kept on flying. She flew over the pond and all the fish were jumping out of the water trying to play with her. Then she flew to the sea and saw the turtles looking up at her asking her to play, but she just kept flying. She flew all over until she finally landed back at  home to play with her other beautiful butterfly friends, that were also once just an ugly caterpillar. 

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