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La Guerra Civil

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Vocabulario Clave https://quizlet.com/_4b1d4s



¿De que manera puede persuadir un lado de un conflicto a la gente de que su lado tiene la razón?  ¿Cómo comparan estos carteles a las imagenes politicas que vemos hoy en día? Escojan un cartel republicano y un nacionalista a analizar.


Como analizar http://www.loc.gov/teachers/usingprimarysources/guides.html

Donde analizar http://www.loc.gov/teachers/primary-source-analysis-tool/

Lo que necesitan analizar http://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?st=grid&co=spcw



Recursos/Informacion sobre la guerra http://www.sparkenthusiasm.com/el_viaje_de_carol.html

Guerra Civil Carteles/Presentaciones https://drive.google.com/a/sdrschools.org/file/d/1msOd9sf8TCEXvuFBHr6KH03Y4aQTlHHM/view?usp=sharing

Ositos Gominolas https://youtu.be/QTAtHwtAxCQ


Canciones de la Guerra https://www.amazon.com/Songs-Spanish-Civil-National-Republican/dp/B004LZ4QBO





Franco and The Spanish Civil War

A WebQuest for the 12th Grade






If we crush Fascism here we'll save our people in America, and in other parts of the world from the vicious persecution, wholesale imprisonment, and slaughter which the Jewish people suffered and are suffering under Hitler's Fascist heels.”

Canute Frankson. Albacete, Spain. July 6, 1937.





Introduction:  The Spanish Civil War is viewed as one of the forces behind the start of World War II. The war was fought entirely in Spain in 1936-1939 between forces that wanted to maintain the Spanish Republic and those that wanted Spain returned to a more traditional society. In the end, over 500,000 people were killed in this war, and the result of the war was a dictatorship in Spain that lasted into the 1970s. This WebQuest will introduce you to the reasons for the war, the forces of the war, the leader most associated with the war, and the reaction to the war in the United States.





Objective: Navigate through the various sections of website information on the Spanish Civil War, answering the questions in each section. Each section of the site (such as “Causes of the War”) will be completed in-class at the computer lab, and we will attempt to finish each section in a one hour period.



After these in-class assignments are done, you will devise a timeline and a report described at the end of the site.  These assignments will be done out of class and are due two weeks after the in-class activities are finished.  



The required report and websites featured are in English. However, some of the sites feature Spanish language areas which can be beneficial.



(For copyright purposes, all photos are linked to their original source.) 







Causes of the War



The Spanish Civil War causes section. From the UK history site “History Home” and written by Stephen Tonge, professor of history in the UK.


Spanish Civil War Exhibition.  A large history of the causes of the war and the art of the war, presented by the Imperial War Museum. 



The Spanish Civil War- An Overview. A basic overview of the war as told on the University of Illinois English department site.



The Causes of the Civil War.  A very basic coverage of the causes of the war and the failed Spanish Second Republic on the British site “History Learning Site.”



Civil War Background.  Spartacus Educational, a large British learning site, details the events leading up to the Spanish Civil War.





  1. What was the name of the king that gave up his throne in 1931?
  2. What was the two word name of the ruling government of Spain during the period between 1931 and 1939? Who were the two presidents during this time? Who were some of the other prominent government officials during this time?
  3. Name at least three causes for reform that led to the Civil War.
  4. Name at least two names that each fighting force was given. 
  5. In what ways was the role of the Catholic Church downplayed by the Spanish government in the years leading up to Civil War? 







Francisco Franco


Francisco Franco from Spartacus Educational, presents a timeline of the events of Francisco Franco, especially the Civil War and post-Civil War era.



Francisco Franco Bahamonde from Jewish Virtual Library, discusses Franco’s political beliefs and early military training.



Francisco Franco Bahamonde from Encyclopedia of World Biography, discusses the early childhood of Franco and his relationship with Hitler and Mussolini.



Spain-The Franco Years from Country Studies, focuses more on the years of Franco ruling Spain after the Spanish Civil War. 







  1. What was the name of the Academy that Franco commanded in the 1920s and where was it located?
  2. What were the two seemingly rivaling political movements that Franco was able to unite during the Civil War and beyond?
  3. Name at least two titles given to Franco during the Spanish Civil War.
  4. What were some of the details of the Labor Charter established under Franco during the Spanish Civil War?
  5. In what ways did Franco imitate the propaganda of Adolph Hitler?







America’s Role in the Civil War



Abe Lincoln Brigade, from University of Pennsylvania, this site describes who “The Lincolns” were, where they came from, their political convictions, and their role in the Civil War.



The Spanish Civil War. The introductory paragraphs detail the type of groups in the United States most likely to support the sides of the Spanish Civil War. 



Spanish Civil War Letters from American Volunteers displays ten letters from Americans serving in the Civil War, giving an authentic view of what this war was like.



Some Men Put In Their Lives. A very large but useful document, pay particular attention to the chapter beginning on page 19, “The American Reaction.”







  1. Which side of the conflict did the Lincoln Battalion support? What were some of their main reasons for support?
  2. What types of people in America were most likely to support the Nationalist cause? Give at least two examples.
  3. What role did Franklin D. Roosevelt play in the Spanish Civil War? Did he choose a side to support?
  4.  What were some of the major civil rights accomplishments of the Lincolns?
  5. Name at least two reasons why this Civil War drew such a large amount of international attention.







Events of the War          



La Cucaracha: The Spanish Civil War Diary features a month-by-month chronicle of all the events that happened during the Civil War, with lots of pictures.



Main Events of the War also gives a timeline of the war, but gives more focus to specific battles.



Spanish Civil War- Charles’ George Orwell Links gives more condensed year-by-year summaries of the events of the war.



The Spanish Civil War from Nerja Today focuses primarily on early battles in the war and also presents a list of startling statistics about the war.







  1. What was the first major battle of the war and where was it fought?
  2. Name at least one major battle of the Civil War and describe the actions and results of this battle.
  3. What foreign country was the largest supporter of the Republicans? What did they ask for from Spain in return for sending troops?
  4. Why is the date April 26, 1937 significant?  What occurred on this date? Which side led the offensive?
  5. When was the war officially declared over? In what city? Which side prevailed?







Need help with the questions or assignments?



Try communicating with experts at these forums:



Education Forum: Ask An Expert: Spanish Civil War.  











Need journal or magazine articles for the project?



Try the INSPIRE databases that are free to use in the school computer lab.  When you log in, you see a list of all the different databases you can search on. 








Some of the useful ones to chose for these assignments could be the Academic Search Premier for general articles about the Spanish Civil War, Biography Resources Center for articles about Franco or other leaders during the War, Image Collection for photos of the war, Military and Government Collection for articles on the forces in the war, or MAS Ultra for articles written for high-school audiences.  For instance, a “keyword” search of “Francisco Franco” with MAS Ultra highlighted gives you a list of over 100 articles, including these three: 








Your Assignments:



1.  With your knowledge of the events of the war from this webquest, create a timeline of six significant events of the Spanish Civil War using the Teach-nology timeline creator or another related program online. Below is an example template that I created on the Teach-nology site. Be sure to include an event from each year from 1936-1939 and at least two events for each side of the conflict.   






2.    It is 1936. You are an American senator and ranking member of the Armed Services Committee. You are in your home district on business.  A Civil War has just begun in Spain, and your local citizens want to know what actions you believe Americans and American soldiers should take.



Will you support American intervention? Will you support the continuing American isolationism? If you support intervention, what side do you support? Do you believe that this Civil War is part of a greater world movement of dictatorship that must be prevented? Do you believe that the insurgent forces could return Spain to more traditional values? 



Keep in mind, the district you represent is primarily suburban, conservative, has a lot of big business, and has a high percentage of Catholic citizens, which according to the research you have done, could place your district as pro-Franco. Bear in mind, however, that your speech will be heard and reported on by national sources.



This is your culminating assignment in which you to show just how much you’ve learned about forces of the war, the causes of the war, and America’s role in the war. In a seven minute speech which is to take place at the local city hall, please cover many of the issues raised above. Please consult with the materials in this WebQuest and any additional sources on Americans and the Spanish Civil War that will give credibility to your speech.  









Evaluation of Assignments



The unit on this webquest is worth 100 points and will be evaluated as follows:





WebQuest Question Sections:  Each question has a definite answer that the teacher is looking for.  Partial credit can be offered on questions with multiple parts.  Each question is worth one point.                                                                                            20 points





Timeline Assignment:   Events used from each year of the conflict:        5 points

                                        Events that represent both sides of the conflict:  5 points

                                        Historical Accuracy:                                   5 points

                                        Grammar, Punctuation                                           5 points


                                                                                                                        20 points





Speech Assignment:



                                        Persuasion, Presence                                                10 points

    Memorized? Little Note Card Use?                          5 points

                                        Knowledge of War and American opinion:            15 points

                                        Clear and Concise Plan of Action:                             20 points

                                        Proper Time:                                                            10 points

===============================================================                                                                                                                          60 points













Teacher’s Resource Page



          This WebQuest was created because the Spanish Civil War was a significant political and historical event of the 1930s, but it is not covered extensively in many world history or Spanish textbooks.  This activity is challenging and therefore is intended for 5th year (12th grade) Spanish students, as the links provided on this page often feature Spanish language supplemental material. 



        This time allotted to complete the activities is at your discretion.  One possible method would be to allow one in-class period for each of the four sub-sections of the website.  In addition, the two larger assignments at the end of the WebQuest could be assigned to be due a week to two weeks after the in-class work is completed. 



        Some of the more well-respected books on the topic of the Spanish Civil War include Hugh Thomas’ The Spanish Civil War (1961), Anthony Beevor’s revised The Battle for Spain (2006), and Frances Lannon’s The Spanish Civil War (2002). The Lannon book is a quick 96 page read and would be the most appropriate for a high school audience.  However, portions of the other two titles could be photocopied and studied in class.  The Thomas work is considered the most extensive and accurate tome of the war ever recorded. 



        The assignments on this WebQuest tie in with Indiana’s Academic Standards for high school students in World History.  In particular, the standards covered are Standard 10: “An Era of Global Conflicts, Challenges, Controversies, and Changes: 1900 to the Present.”



 This assignment covers World History standard 10.3 Compare the totalitarian ideologies, institutions, and leaders of the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Describe acts of oppression, including extermination by the Nazis and Soviet Communists against particular inhabitants within their countries, and acts of aggression against other countries during the 1930s by the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.” The Spanish Civil War, fought in the 1930s, featured major participation and aggression by both of those countries on opposing fronts  



The assignment also covers standard 10.4: Trace and explain the antecedents, causes, major events, and global consequences of World War II, including the Holocaust.” Many historians agree that the Spanish Civil War was a major antecedent of World War II, as it allowed another Hitler sympathizer to rise to power in Europe. 



        Good luck in the application of this webquest to your classroom and do not hesitate to adjust to the needs of your class schedule.





Created by Tyler Munn.  June 14, 2007.  Sites accessed May 25-June 2, 2007.



Email the creator at tymunn@iupui.edu




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